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“THE RETIRED (TRY TO) STRIKE BACK, Or, How to Fight the Evil Empire of Age” comes out of today’s headlines and chronicles the emotional, roller-coaster journey of four senior couples trying to prove they’re still vital in a society that has relegated them to the sidelines for the simple sin of being old.

They decide to make a small educational video to help seniors living alone meet and form new relationships and deal with their personal and emotional issues, including health, money, sex and the belief that society would be happier if they just stayed quiet.

But as the movie progresses, the couples realize that seniors – and they themselves – are like other people. They also hunger for social changes that would improve the quality of life for their families’ future. But facing their mortality, they grasp that seniors possess special attributes to achieve this goal: a need to make change happen soon, get their last acts right, and cooperate as they now recognize that no group can have all the right answers for society. Seniors can become a new source of leadership for a polarized, divided country

A Novel In Episodes, “The Retired Try to Strike Back” grew out of a weekly column, based on real experiences, that appeared for a year in the Westchester Guardian and is authored by a national leader in social change, Allan Luks. He has had four books published, one of which, “Will America Sober Up?” was hailed as a “blueprint” for America by the Times Book Review. Luks also coined the internationally recognized expression, “helper’s high,” in his best-selling book, “The Healing Power of Doing Good.” Today he is a founder and director of the Fordham University Graduate School Center for Nonprofit Leaders, where he teaches about public policy change. He is also widely recognized as an expert in volunteerism and nonprofit leadership, and travels the country speaking on these topics.

A complimentary preview of the first four chapters are provided here.  Please click “Chapters 1 through 4″ under “Categories” on the right of this page.

Visit Allan Luks’ website www.allanluks.com

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